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Monday, July 17, 2006

AlphaServer 4100 4/500 4*400MHz CPU 2048MB RAM 8*16GB HD

I saw it on Ebay and just HAD to have it.

I had already got OpenVMS 7.2-1 and the full Alpha Software Library from Ebay...all 18 CD's.

Now I have to set it all up and install stuff.

And work out where and what to plug into the various network bits & bobs.

Should keep me busy for a while, along with redecoration.

I have so far managed to get onto the system
  • Decnet_Osi v7.2-1
  • DwMotif v1.2-5 (Though I dont know how to use it !!!!)
  • OpenVMS v7.2-1
  • TCPIP v5.0-10
  • VMS v7.2-1

But I have been informed at http://www.openvmshobbyist.com that

"Looking at getting a newer version of VMS and TCPIP - V5.0 was really bad"

So I have ordered OpenVMS Alpha Hobbyist Kit V3.0 from http://www.montagar.com/hobbyist/mount.html

  • OpenVMS V7.3-1
  • DECWindows 1.2.6 (Motif)
  • DECnet Phase IV
  • DECnet OSI Phase V
  • TCPIP V5.3
  • Compaq C V6.5
  • FORTRAN V7.5

It has to come over from the States, so it gives me a few days to do other jobs. I have managed now to get the switch in, the PC is on the net. The router is on the downlink....I had to figure out I needed a crossover.

When I have updated VMS and TCPIP I will give it another go.

Oh yes, I was wondering where the TCPIP License PAK was and couldnt find it. I then 'remebered' something about UCX and used that one. It seems to have worked.

One of them non-documented 'features' ?

No wonder VMS didnt make it big, it's a pig to install & licence !

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